Laboratory for Applications of MHD in Bitemperature Discharges to Aerodynamics

Studies at λ currently cover low density experiments of magnetized non-thermal plasmas (MHD accelerators with various shapes, ionizers, streamer guidance and plasma wall-confinement systems).

Interesting fields of this activity relate to air-breathing MHD propulsion with flow control by Lorentz force field. This implies mastering the electrothermal instability through magnetic gradient inversion systems. MHD applications to aerodynamics, sometimes called magnetoplasma-aerodynamics or magnetoaerodynamics, are aimed to enable hypersonic flight by controlling heat transfer: MHD bypass systems on hypersonic waveriders, MHD-controlled inlets, wide high voltage cushion-discharges on leading edges, external-flow MHD accelerators, shock wave cancellation, etc…

Dr Jean-Pierre PETIT