LAMBDA (Laboratory for Applications of MHD in Bitemperature Discharges to Aerodynamics), symbolized by the Greek letter λ, is the single French laboratory studying magnetohydrodynamics with experiments in ionized gases. Created in 2008, λ runs on private funds and is located in France.

The research manager, Jean-Pierre PETIT is a French scientist, senior researcher at National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) now retired. Gratuated from Supaero (French National Higher School of Aeronautics and Space) in 1961, Sc.D. in 1972, he is astrophysicist, fluid mechanician, plasma physicist, magnetohydrodynamics specialist. His carrier in the field of MHD is well-know: 1st method of eletrothermal instability control and 1st usable MHD generator with non-equilibrium ionized gas (1967); Non-equilibrium plasma kinetic theory (1972); MHD aerodynes with HF ionization control (1975); Shock wave cancellation by MHD force field around a cylindrical profile imbedded in a liquid flow (1976); 2nd method of electrothermal instability control by magnetic pressure gradient in a MHD accelerator (1981); Thesis director about shock wave annihilation around a flat wing in a hot supersonic gas flow: Resolution of Navier-Stokes equations within an MHD force field with the method of characteristics (1987).

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